Mountain Huts

A One Off Experience

There’s something incredibly special about a mountain experience, but none more so than in a mountain hut.

Fresh air and awe-inspiring scenery are part and parcel of an excellent ski holiday, but when experienced at the top of a mountain in wild, isolated settings, the moment is elevated a thousand fold.

Whether you are taking a ski safari, or staying in a nearby resort, an additional night in a mountain hut allows you to wake up to majestic, awesome and otherworldly views that most resort skiers won’t experience. In the morning, avoid the queues to the lifts and be the first on the slopes. Here, luxury doesn’t come in the form silk sheets, champagne and fur rugs. More a warm meal, the company of other skiers, and views you’ll simply can’t forget.  It is an un-missable experience.

Pralongia | The Dolomites

Along the monumental stretch of the Dolomites, sits Pralongia, a mountain hut or Rifugio, located in the heart of the excellent ski area, Alta Badia.

Originally a stable, Pralongia once belonged to a farmer in the 1920s whose sons would host ski tours in the region. When guests of the tour expressed a desire for a small retreat or resting place along their tour. The family were inspired to turn the stable into a welcoming haven serving food, drink and shelter to skiers from all over.

Now, Pralongia is one of many huts you may encounter along an exploration of the Dolomites. Choose from a double room or a dorm room, enjoy an cosy evening around the fire with food and drink, before sleeping in a comfortable bed with just  the mountains around you. Then wake in the morning to a breathtaking multicoloured sunrise before heading back to your ski safari you or the resort you came from.

Remote Mountain Hut on the top of a mountain surrounded by snow and blue skies
Bedroom on the top of a mountain with breath taking views

We have more Mountain Huts coming soon. In the meantime,  if you are interested in hearing more about a mountain hut experience, there’s plenty of ways in which you can incorporate a stay, and we’d love to discuss them with you!

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